Are You Buying Into 3D TV?

We all know that 3D TV is on the rise for 2010. But is the promise of 3-dimensions using specially required glasses for the home enough to keep brand new TV-ready consumers from buying up the old LCD guard?

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Sony recently announced a plan to sell 3-D compatible Blu-ray players and TVs, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will be selling 3-D enabled Blu-ray discs and ESPN will broadcast games in 3-D—all before the end of the year.

But the New York Times gives us a glimpse into the average consumer's brain and makes the statement that "John Skidmore doesn’t care about 3D TV."

Skidmore is a young man who bought two new plasma TVs when the Times caught up with him in January. He decided not to hold his breath for 3D TVs. Especially since the sets are expected to come at a premium—and that he just didn't see himself wearing 3D glasses every time he watched anything on TV.

Almost exactly a year ago, most of you said "no thanks" to 3D TV. How are you feeling about it now? Will you upgrade your tech to be 3D compatible? Let us know in the comments!

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