Secrets of a WiFi Hero

New York Magazine and McSweeney's

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Everyone has a person in their life who's the designated "WiFi hero" — the one you call to fix the WiFi when it's down. Simple as that. For a while, I took on this job. For a few years when I was living with my brother, he was the one who always knew how to get the WiFi to work. Well, here's the secret your WiFi hero won't tell you.

Most WiFi fixes can be explained (rather humorously) by this one simple video, Ballad of a WiFi Hero, from New York Magazine and McSweeney's.

But shh, don't tell anyone we've just been unplugging the router, waiting a few seconds and then plugging it back in again. We wouldn't want anyone to lose their hero status.

(Image credits: New York Magazine)

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