Lievore's Leaf Chairs

Lievore's Leaf Chairs

May 4, 2007

Steel and almonds? The single best small thing featured in last month's Sunset was Alberto Lievore's nature-inspired Leaf Chair, an almost poetically lovely and ergonomically-updated take on the classic Bertoia wire chair that looks, well, very much like a leaf. And it's made from steel and almonds.

OK, almond shells. But still, kinda cool. The almond shells are pulverized and suspended in natural and synthetic resins. This new green building material, called Maderon, can be pressure molded like plastic, but has a wood-like feel.

Leaf won the Red Dot design award in 2006.

It comes coated with weather-resistant paint (green, white or mocha), which make it possible to use it outdoors as well as inside. And it's pretty hard to track down in the US, either in the lounge or regular version, but Sunset found it locally at Lola Home in Berkeley for $325.

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