Arrangement for Living Room After Roommate Moves Out?

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Q: In a few months I will be moving into my boyfriend's two bedroom apartment, after his roommate moves out. Though the move-in date is a ways out yet, I am already dreaming up ways to rearrange and redecorate the space. I am fortunate that my boyfriend and I have very similar taste in terms of decor. I also appreciate that he is more of a minimalist than me and doesn't clutter things up as much (except with electronics). I am trying to determine how to best make use of the living room space and wondering if I could get some input.

He has some good pieces in there already, but his desk and computer will be moved into the second bedroom in the future. Do you think the couch might be best on the opposite wall where the television currently is? Also, I'm thinking of maybe putting additional seating in there, but I'm not sure where to put it due to the radiator. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I love this site and reading everyone's advice on it.

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