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Q: I'm moving into a one bedroom apartment with a small living/dining room space. The living room is technically 11' x 15', and it's difficult to lay out because there is a doorway leading to a hallway, as well as a closet that cannot be blocked for maintenance access (it's the hot water heater closet):

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The dining room (which extends from it and leads to the kitchen) is
6' x 9'. The floor plan can be seen here.

My question is, how should I lay out my furniture so that I don't feel cramped? I was thinking of placing a 43" wide dining table with 4 chairs in the area closest to the kitchen, with the couch facing the wall closest to the bedroom, but it all seems so tight. I also have two windows on the right wall and a Hemnes bookcase that needs to go in between. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

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