Arranging Small Living/Dining Room with Lots of Doorways?

Arranging Small Living/Dining Room with Lots of Doorways?

Regina Yunghans
Feb 21, 2013
Q: I live in a charming old one bedroom apartment with a very small kitchen. My living room serves as my entry way, living room, dining room and office/storage. It also serves as the hallway to the other areas of my apartment. I'm trying to figure out the best way to lay out the room. I would like to create a better living room situation — the table and desk just need to be worked in somewhere that makes sense. Pictured is what I've been living with for a while now. Suggestions, please?: The room is 14' x 13.5'. Starting from the right wall and going clockwise: - 2 large 40 inch windows and an 8 foot baseboard heater (can't put anything over it.) - door to the bedroom, table, couch, door to closet. - entryway to kitchen, chest of drawers/tv/entry landing strip, entryway door. - bookshelf, desk, table.

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