Art Collectors' Bungalow by Rene Desjardins

Art Collectors' Bungalow by Rene Desjardins

Regina Yunghans
Sep 23, 2008

This 1960's bungalow was transformed by Rene Desjardins to meet the needs of a young couple: children, an extensive art collections, and heavy entertaining. You'll see art displayed throughout the home and a gallery-like simplicity and quality of light. Not at all what comes to mind upon hearing "bungalow"...

Most surfaces in the house are white, allowing the display of art to take front stage. The architect was careful to limit the material palette used throughout the house, also to create a good backdrop for the owners' collection.

We see hall space being used for gallery space more than a few times in the house. It's a great treatment of long hallways in apartments, too.

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