Plastic Bag Dryers: Not just for hippies

Plastic Bag Dryers: Not just for hippies

Jun 21, 2007

With the approach of SF's plastic shopping bag ban we've been thinking about the other class of non-decomposing plastic bags that pass into our kitchen via the grocery store and then just as quickly into landfill: produce bags.

This class of polyethylene bags are not part of the ban, and we have to own a certain fondness for their convenience we're thinking about doing the next best thing to a self-imposed ban: instituting a plastic produce bag re-use policy in our house.

Sounds simple enough: you rinse the bags with soapy water and then air dry them overnight, up to eight at a time, on a drying rack.

Does anyone out there already do this? Any good tips on making it part of a busy household's routine?

Plastic bag dryers are available here.

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