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Got art? Sofas, rugs and artwork are some of the toughest challenges when furnishing an apartment. Here is another good resource for artwork that we recently got a few tips on:

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Despite it's K-Mart name, Art/asap does a great job, and works with a lot of interior designers...

And when we say attractive, we mean it. This is not edgy, gritty art or anything that will grow old with grace or accumulate terrific value. This is well done, attractive art that could really dress up your walls.

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Art/asap was started in 1995 by a designer looking frustrated with the affordable art market. What he or she has created (a name is not told to us...) is a very attractive art gallery for framed prints and photography roughly between $200-$500.

Art/asap is also a very large gallery, with a database of over 100,000 images, and they also specialize in matting and framing so this really becomes one-stop-shopping at trade prices.

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Their gallery on 50th street is small, and they do rely on their online presence to show the bulk of their collection. (Thanks, Patrick!) .

(Re-edited from 2004-12-14 - MGR)

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