Artist Lorena Siminovich

Artist Lorena Siminovich

Feb 14, 2007

Art education. Most of us want our children to grow up appreciating good art.

We take them to museums, talk to them about the Impressionists and Dada-ism, and show them our favorite paintings. Still, many kids insist that a huge poster of Dora the Explorer or Thomas the Tank Engine is more their style (or in our son's case, a picture of a yellow dump truck).

Then we happen across an artist whose work appeals to children and that we find attractive as well.

A perfect example is artist Lorena Siminovich.

Her vivid animals and bright colors are sure kid-pleasers, and the blocky prints and graphics with mid-century modern overtones makes us happy. All of the paintings are made of the various found, vintage, and new papers that Siminovich finds on her travels, then puts together as collages mounted on natural plywood.

Ready to hang and available for $140 here, choosing one with your child would be a fun way to spend their holiday gift money from the grandparents.

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