Artist Marisa Haedike

Artist Marisa Haedike

Feb 26, 2007

Daily paintings? And we thought that daily blog posts could be hard. Marisa Haedike creates a new artwork every day, then offers it for sale through her website.

Infused with color and a subtle sense of humor, her pictures are usually made of acrylic on wood or canvas, and depict various flora and fauna floating carefully against spare backgrounds. Shy birds nudge each other on a tree branch, gnome-like creatures wave to the viewer, and penguins peer through the frame of the painting.

It's hard to choose which image to like best.

Each piece is between 4 and 8 inches and is priced affordably between $85 and $155.

But even if you decide not to buy, you can ask to be sent daily emails with pictures of her art—a much more cheerful way to start your day than an inbox full of spam.

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