I love good tea, especially loose leaf tea. I also love beautiful, artistic homewares. Lately, these loves have combined into an infatuation with beautiful tea bowls. They're small, functional works of art that are as pleasant to use as they are to display on a kitchen shelf.

You can, of course, buy a latte bowl at Pier One and use it for the same thing, but the prettiest tea bowls are usually handmade, which means there are often very few (or only 1) in a run.

  1. You can buy Paul Donnelly's lovely Line bowls with red, yellow, or grey accent stripes. $42 at The Clay Studio.
  2. Vicky Hageman's modern, striped version are the perfect complement to a set of modern, white dishes. £12 at Frank.
  3. This delicate porcelain bowl with a glazed leaf pattern rests inside a second bowl of leaves. Approx. $295 at Kuniharu Higuchi.
  4. Chanto's beautiful wooden bowls are made with Japanese cherry timber. $151 ar Alexcious.
  5. Admittedly, this is way (way) out of the normal price range for cups. That said, this gorgeous Spring Galaxy bowl shows off artist Tetsuaki Nakao's original "galaxy glaze" technique, which he has also exhibited on ceramics at Christie's in London. $1500 at Japan Pottery Net.