Artwork to Encourage Reading

Artwork to Encourage Reading

Carrie McBride
May 21, 2010

The best way to encourage your kids to explore books is to keep great books around, read to and with them and set an example by reading yourself. But a visual reminder of the importance of reading couldn't hurt either. We've found ten affordable art prints to keep reading and books in the forefront of your family's mind.


1 I Love to Read (girl) by LaPortraitiste ($8)

2 I Love to Read (boy) by LaPortraitiste ($8)

3 Reading is Fun by Doug Keith ($14)

4 He Likes To Read Books Written For Girls by Strawberry Luna ($15)

5 Shh Im Reading by Shelby Healey ($18)


6 Read More Books by Lake Illustration ($18)

7 Reading Is Dear To My Heart by Boopsiedaisy ($22)

8 Keep Calm and Read On by the Keep Calm Shop ($8)

9 January: A Year of Good Reading Ahead by the WPA (one in a series), ($20)

10 Reading is Cool by Dazey Chic ($20)

And don't forget the wooden "read" sign by William Dohman we wrote about recently.

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