Ashley Baker Gensler of Loom Decor

February Design Evening

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Ashley Baker Gensler of Loom Decor was a Pitch Presetner at our February Design Evening. Bridging the gap between hiring a designer and DIY, Loom Decor is a great spot for custom soft furnishings. Click above for a few of their designs and below for a video about Ashley's inspiration. Click here for upcoming Design Evening details...

Guest: Ashley Baker Gensler
Company: Loom Decor
Hometown: NYC

About: "While trying to decorate her home, Ashley Baker Gensler discovered that the things she saw in magazines weren't always available to the average consumer, and those that were available were far outside her budget. Along with her best friend (since 7th grade!) Nichole Ocepek, Ashley founded Loom Decor. At Loom, you get access to the same luxury textiles and custom products the pros use, at a fraction of the cost. You can design your own custom bedding, drapery, and accessories from the comfort of your own home by mixing and matching fabrics on your favorite products in their online design tool. Ashley lives in and works in NYC."

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(Image credits: Loom Decor; Henry Chen; Terlato Wines)

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