Ask Yourself This Question Before Cleaning Out Your Closet

Ask Yourself This Question Before Cleaning Out Your Closet

Abby Stone
Apr 6, 2012

Too much stuff, too little closet space. I doubt I'm the only one faced with this dilemma. But, I just learned a valuable trick that's made cleaning out my closet a lot easier. Not only did it help me toss stuff I no longer needed, but it helped me to reorganize the stuff that needed to stay.

Most of us throw stuff into a closet willy-nilly. We don't want it out so we chuck it into the closet until our closets drive us so crazy that we'd rather have stuff lying around than have to open the closet to put it away (if there's even room in our usually too-small closets).


Before you put anything into a closet, ask yourself, "What is this closet for?" Is is a daily clothes closet? A coat closet? A linen cupboard? Designating each closet's job will help you focus on keeping it available for that purpose and will help you figure out how to organize it.

(Image: Leela Cyd Ross from Krystal's San Francisco Studio)

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