AT Asia: Minimalist Modern Japan

AT Asia: Minimalist Modern Japan

Gregory Han
May 14, 2008

Wow, I thought my minimalist modern tendencies had faded away since my days in college studying to become an architect (perhaps architects prefer minimalist designs so as to eliminate drafting production work). But then every once in awhile I see a residential structure like this and I think I might be able to live in a concrete box...

The big box, known as the House kn, is located in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan and designed by Kazuyasu Kochi and Mana Kochi of Kochi Architect's Studio. Also below is their Shinkawasaki Infill condominium, which has a stunning white washed interior space with a most curious crawl space only reachable by ladder. More of their residential projects here.

[via the girl in the green dress]

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