AT Book Alert House Tour: Update on Alison

Photos by David Bartholow

Name: Alison and Luciano
Home then: 394 sqft. studio Miami, Florida (check out Allsion's former studio)
Home now: 1-bdrm, Dallas, Texas

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Alison just let us in for a peek at her new Texan home, a big change from her Miami studio--the home we featured in our latest book, Apartment Therapy Presents: Real Homes, Real People, Hundreds of Design Solutions.

Photos by David Bartholow

Alison shares her Texan home with her new Brazilian fiancee Luciano. Other major changes include living in Texas, early 20th century detailing, a lot more room, and a wonderful balcony. Alison's last apartment was a modern studio devoid of molding with a tiny kitchen.

She wants everyone to know that she and Luciano are still shopping for furniture (ie. dining table) so their home is still very much a work in progress. For example, in the bedroom, Alison wants to reupholster the little vintage sofa and put up sheer curtains.

Check out their new home and make sure to note all the great art and custom made pieces that Alison dragged to Texas from Florida!

Link to Alison's home:
Small Cool Contest 2006: Alison's Design To the Max

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