AT Book Alert: Update on Dave

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Name: Dave
Home Then: 1200 sq. foot Chicago apartment
Home Now: 900 sq. foot Chicago apartment

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Dave's last apartment is one of the 40 featured in our new book: Apartment Therapy Presents: Real Homes, Real People, Hundreds of Design Solutions.
We first heard from Dave by email - he sent us photos of a "waffle party" going on in his living room and inquired as to whether we'd be interested in doing a house tour of his place, which we did. We went on to include the tour in the new book and have since posted his new apartment on AT as well...

Here are a few photos of some of Dave's belongings in the old place and then in the new:

Thanks for the update, Dave!

LINKS to More Dave on AT:
Blogging CS Interiors - Premiere Issue
Volunteers Wanted: Brown Elephant Window Display Crew

Photos: Evan Thomas (Dave's Andersonville Apartment) and Andrew Wehde (Dave's New Place)

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