AT Boston: Cool Industrial Laundry Baskets

This is from our Boston finalist, Jeanine. Comment away!

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You know those cool industrial baskets at Goodwill that they wheel around all of the clothes in? They're made right here in East Boston by a company who's been making canvas baskets since the 1920's. My friend Deborah uses them for fresh sheets, I put piles of stuffed animals in them, our friend Nancy stores upholstery fabric, and they would be terrific for laundry...

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We like the canvas, but they also make them in vinyl (grey and yellow) which can get wet, and in lots of sizes. The baskets are usually sold just to the trade, but you can email the factory directly at Say you heard about them on Apartment Therapy to scoop one up.

- Jeanine

(Thanks, Jeanine!)

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