AT Boston: Everything Old is New Again

This is from our first Boston finalist, Anne. Comment away!

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"Modern" is about clean lines, clear colors, precise geometry, and a pared-down sensibility, right? Well, unless you're Droog, the 21st century Dutch design collective who brought us the fanciful Heat Wave Electric Radiator. This design finds some local Boston echoes in the form of railings found throughout Boston's South End, North America's largest collection of Victorian-era housing...

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It's interesting to observe a Victorian form moving into the 21st century, reconsidered as something "edgy" and utilitarian (those South End railings aren't high enough to be used by adult humans, and are purely decorative). As Boston experiences a building boom, architects face a related challenge: how to integrate modern building designs with a city that is so rich in 19th-century neighborhoods?

Maybe the Dutch can show us the way forward.

Anne H.

(Thanks, Anne!)

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