Plain Frost Window Film by Graham & Brown

Plain Frost Window Film by Graham & Brown

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 10, 2008

We love windows in the bathroom but, in old apartments, they usually end up in the shower. Our new apartment's shower has a lovely view of our neighbor's outdoor deck and, although we love the natural light, we hate the lack of privacy. Enter Graham & Brown's Plain Frost window covering...

We've seen other window films advertised but Graham & Brown's Plain Frost was the first that we found to be both reasonable in price and quantity. We are slightly skeptical of its "static" suction concept, though. Basically you trim it to size from the roll, wet both sides of the film and the window, then stick it up, avoiding residue from adhesives. Couldn't be easier, right?

Maybe if you have perfect windows. Our old window has paint on the glass as well as a cracked pane so the suction on the film isn't perfect but it has survived a week of showers so far. Here's our before and after.

Anyone else have experience with static suction window film or other types of window pane coverings?

- Wes and Kayla for AT Boston

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