Look!: Graffiti in Your Home?

AT Washington DC

Would you bring graffiti into your home? It's not just for the street anymore. Graffiti art is creeping into galleries and private collections across the DC area. You can get your own original work of graffiti art custom-made for your home. Check out the tagged backyard shed via hoogrrl....

[photo courtesy of Tim Conlon]

[photo courtesy of Tim Conlon]

The DC art collector had the shed specifically built for the graffiti work. The Arlington Arts Center recently featured a graffiti art installation that changed day-by-day as the graffiti writers continued adding to it. Shown are the Arlington Arts Center exhibition walls, which were spray-painted over canvases and wall. The graffiti writers represented in the show were CON, RAMS, REI21, and SOVIET. Graffiti tagged toy trains and skateboards (also from the show) could brighten up your walls and shelves.

If you want to see great graffiti art in person visit the murals at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery's current show "RECOGNIZE! Hip Hop and Contemporary Portraiture," which includes the work of local graffiti writers Tim Conlon and Dave Hupp. You can see slide show progressions of the artists creating the graffiti walls on the National Portrait Gallery's web site.

- Rachael Grad

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