AT DC: What Does Your Apt Building Say About You?

This is from our DC finalist, Thomas. Comment away!

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What do apartment buildings say about the residents that live inside of them? I walk to work everyday...rain or shine. My studio is ten blocks from my office. The walk is great. I pass 5 coffee shops, 2 bookstores, a post office, 3 gyms and a park. Everyday is a new adventure. I also see tons of people everyday. Some people are walking their dogs, other people are power walking to work and then there are some who are just having coffee...

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What I especially enjoy is looking at all the different types of buildings during my walk to work. The district has so such an assortment of beautiful architecture. No two buildings look alike. Each has their own personality, look and style.

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What about the people who live in those buildings? I have often wondered who lives in these buildings? What does your apartment building say about you?

- Thomas

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(Thanks, Thomas!)

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