AT Down the Rabbit Hole: The Boontje Show at Moss

AT Down the Rabbit Hole: The Boontje Show at Moss

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 9, 2005

You know things have changed when there is a velvet rope outside of Moss. We stepped into a big party at Moss for Tord Boontje last night. The show, titled "The End," featured Boontje's most recent set of creations for the Italian company, Moroso (this being the last installment of a trilogy).

What can we say? It was crowded. It was like a Fellini film with glasses tinkling and people barely able to move as the fabulously turned out crowd accepted that Modern Design really has come to New York and it ain't livin' up at MoMA. It was full of energy, it was a parody of itself.... and then the opera singer began...

From out of nowhere (it seemed) a piano started up and a young male singer began singing Italian opera with a soprano's voice. Over the top.

And Tord Boontje? Though one could easily be tired of the endlessly dripping rags of laser cut fabric, metal or leather (we were), it was somehow lovely to see this fellow get to run wild with his ideas about design and function. Beyond furniture, Boontje's work is really art, with warts and all. When someone gets a break like this, you just gotta cheer him on.

We loved the nails embedded in a wood table, the large copper mobile and crystal chandelier that blinks like stars (or is it just bling-bling?) and the colorful adaption of his shapes to silk in the form of a tall wall hanging. The drippy textiles, the glass table and the chair ruined in goop left us cold.

And Moss? Let us be honest. If a corporation had given this crazy little party, we would have left feeling somehow fleeced and dirty, but because it was so clearly personal and pure love on Murray Moss'es part, it was a kick. He's nuts and he likes the velvet rope, but his heart is in the right place and he's having a great time. More power to him (and even more space too). MGR

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