AT Email: A Trio of Modern Artists: Peter Halley, Almond Zigmund and Peter Gee - 1.18.08

January 18, 2008


Friday is a day to lift the level of conversation and the spirit at the same time. Last week the subject was The Lives of Others, this week is is a trio of artists whose work I like looking at and feel are worth sharing. I've been carrying these images around inside my head for years.

I first saw Peter Halley in a New York Mag article on Halston's old townhouse in 2005. While the house was interesting, it was the picture above, set in the bedroom that stayed with me. There is something joyful and yet very controlled about this work. It's machinelike, but loose at the same time. It's beautiful.

We had a hard time finding more good samples of his work, but second brown canvas also has this signature. Unfortunately, Halley's website does not show his paintings off very well, but it's worth a peek:

Almond Zigmund is a younger artist who is cranking up her career. We first saw her silkscreens on a post card announce her show at a wine store out in the Hamptons.

We loved her silkscreens, blogged the show and now receive almost monthly notices about her shows and new work. She's on fire. These works are all enamel on paper. You can find more of her work at

Finally, Peter Gee died in 2005 and is best known as a "pop artist" from the 1960's. We also saw him in New York Mag, in an apartment designed by Behun Ziff, featured in a spectacularly large white space that leveraged the POW of his designs to their fullest. The pic above is a series of his silkscreens 60 inches wide, place on top of one another. There's quite a bit more at

So there's a little art tour for the weekend. Each of these artists has earned a very special bookmark in my visual life and continues to inform. I hope you enjoy them.

Best, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan



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