Best Industrial Chic Resources

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Today we wanted to pull together a list of all the really great resources for industrial chic sources (vintage and new) that we've collected and heard of over the past few years. These resources are hard to find, travel mainly by word of mouth and require some digging in, but they offer amazing, unique and often really, really affordable solutions. Enjoy and pass it on....

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Best Vintage

These guys can get expensive on you, but they are offering often lovingly restored collectibles:

>> Get Back Inc - This is high, high end and super cool stuff in Connecticut.

>> City Foundry - Totally eclectic, "machine age" gems from this Atlantic Avenue landmark.

>> Urban Archeology - A hip New York creation, UA has lovely stuff, expanded to a number of cities and now do very good reproductions as well.

>> Sonrisa - These folks do beautiful stripping and refurbishing of metal vintage metal furnishings out of Los Angeles.

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Best New

The concept of "new" industrial is not always exciting to interiors folks, but you can find really cool, useful stuff at really low prices if you go new. These sites are hard to navigate and aren't intended for the likes of us, but they hold gems.

>> McMaster Carr - This is the shit. If you want to find dozens and dozens of industrial products that would look far cooler in your home than what you could get at Restoration Hardware, check it out. For inspiration, I include this link to Todd and Nicole's remarkable house tour (they used McMaster Carr a lot).

>> Farm Tek - This is crazy farm supply at rock bottom prices which can be used in many, many ways.

>> AWDirect - This tow truck equipment supplier has some cool stuff, including this truck step that makes a great soap holder.

>> C&H Distributors - This is a great source for enamelled metal benches, tables, chairs and all sorts of storage stuff. It's like The Container Store for truckers. We bought our stools from them.

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(Re-Edited from 2008-01-15 - mgr)

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