AT Email: Best Modern Bedding - 2.1.08

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February 1, 2008

Area "Pins"

It took me some time to realize that "modern" bedding was a fairly new creation. It seems that most bedding was plain or "traditional" in its patterning until about ten years ago, when folks living in modern homes started asking for modern bedding to match. Christiane Lemieux of Dwell Studio was one of the early folks who realized that there was an empty niche in this market and built her entire business on it. She started Dwell in 1999 and now the field is full of others. I'm a plain sheet person, but really like the stuff below. I just got the Eileen Fishers and am looking at getting a big more graphic in the next year. Hey, it's a trend...

Here are my top picks from the entire House and Home Universe. Enjoy and stay warm!


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  • Area Home - subtle colors and shapes with rich fabrics. Hotel chic.

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  • Dwell Studio - Modern but playful, with kids bedding as well.

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  • Unison - Inspired by Scandinavia, the most colorful.

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  • Jiti Bedding - A new name with an eclectic, world feeling.

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  • Matteo - The most luxurious (and spartan) we know, and very masculine.




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