AT Email: Cheap, Chunky Marble Floor Tip from BDDW & What Buzzed the Web - 3.14.08

AT Email: Cheap, Chunky Marble Floor Tip from BDDW & What Buzzed the Web - 3.14.08

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 14, 2008

March 14, 2008

Cheap marble floor? Down at BDDW, they have beautiful marble floors that we've seen them pull up and put back down on occasion. Once, admiring them (which they even move and install at trade shows), they told us that they were actually cheap marble pieces that they found at Home Depot and buffed down to kill the shine. What a great idea, we thought, for a home or outdoor space....

Daltile makes a line of marble tile pieces that are pretty big. The classic white one is called Carrara Gioia and it comes 12x12 squares with a shiny finish. BDDW takes these things which look cheesy, sand off the finish and then set them on the floor, where they immediately take on a more aged, vintage look that does more honor to the raw material. Though hard to believe, these squares sell for about $8 apiece.

We looked hard online and found them in a number of places, so you needn't just look at Home Depot, which is really hard to research online. Here are the sources we found: >> A Number of Stores Via NexTag






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