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January 14, 2008

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This morning we woke up thinking about pepper mills. Our favorite of all time - which we use every day - is the Perfex Pepper Mill. This is a kitchen ESSENTIAL. Made for over 50 years by a family owned company in Saint-Etienne, France, the Perfex is styled after the traditional wood coffee grinders the company used to produce. It grinds extremely well, turns very comfortably in the hand and looks better and better with age. It also cleans easily, which is important since these often live next to the stove.

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Consider it a little aluminum workhorse supporting your cooking skills. The Perfex also comes in a salt mill version. Perfex's are imported and can run over $100, but don't pay that. They should cost between $50-$70 for either the 3" or the 4" version. A good list of retailers is here.

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With restrained flair that doesn't look cheesy, the Spice Boy is made out acrylic (wood as well) with a corrosion free crushgrind ceramic mechanism from Denmark within. It can be used for salt or pepper OR any combination of spices, which are easily inserted through the handy bowl in the top. The opening at top with the black stopper is a really great and practical design element.

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We'd never seen the Spice Boy before, finding it just this weekend at Meg Cohen's design shop on Thompson Street. All of our searches only turned up UK sellers, but it looks as if you can buy it through Oliver Hemming's website for @ $51.

Enjoy! Maxwell


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