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January 24, 2008

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I first saw these lamps in Costa Rica three years ago. We were staying in a house on the beach near Tamarindo. On arriving, the first thing we were told was that we were not allowed on the beach after sunset and lights were to be kept down at night. I noticed that all the lamps were specially designed not to be seen from the beach. Why? Because this was one of the last great spawning grounds of huge leather back turtles, who lay their eggs at night and will not advance if they see light.

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I was taken with the meticulously crafted wood lamps, and so I took a lot of pics, which you can see here in a slideshow. They were by far the most stylish design I saw in Costa Rica and reminded me of classic Danish design. I was totally surprised, therefore, when I found my beloved "turtle lamps" for sale at Mxyplyzyk in Greenwich Village a few weekends ago (below).

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Turns out there IS a connection between Scandinavian design and Costa Rica. The man behind these lamps is Henning Dyes, a Costa Rican of German descent. He's been designing and selling them for the past 16 years based on shapes he saw as a child in Norway. And while Henning Dyes is older now, there's also a fellow named Micheal Barker updating his designs. One of his lamps is below.

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Made of Plantation Pine, a wood grown exclusively for harvesting at 8,000 feet in the Costa Rican highlands, the pieces are cut extremely thin and glow translucent with light when on. They can be found through all the links below. These are unique lamps, NOT expensive and a great solution if your looking for lighting. Enjoy, Maxwell

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>>La Vida Verde is the wholesaler who represents these lamps as well as other South and Central American crafts

>>Studio 1617which seems to have the most complete line of lamps

>>Mxyplyzykwhich sells them

>>Sprout Home is also selling them


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