AT Email: Oversize Pentagram Calendars - 1.3.08

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Yesterday's email was about the awesome Oversize Pentagram Calendars and is below. Feedback goes here. If you want to get on the inside track, sign up at LEFT and then tell us what you think below.

The AT email is DAILY, national, its own animal and represents a "back channel" to the blog. Grrrrrrrr.....

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January 3, 2008

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While not quite as good at shameless self promotion as the Spears family, I love talking up one particular home (or office) item at particularly this time of year: the Oversized Pentagram Calendar designed by Kit Hinrichs.

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About four years ago I was in Los Angeles and saw this calendar for the first time on the wall of a store called Paper Source off of Rodeo Drive. It was big. It was practical. And it was also beautiful. I bought one. Since then, I've been able to contact Pentagram and buy them wholesale for the past two years so that we can sell them directly from our offices (and have plenty for our own walls).

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Three feet wide by nearly two feet tall, a different typeface is showcased each month along with the birthday and the name of the font's creator.

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While Pentagram makes two sizes, I only like to stock the big one, because it's the most distinctive and the one that becomes artwork when hung on the wall. The pics above are of the calendar right above my desk this morning. The third pic down shows how you can hang one month next to the other and make it twice as big.

>> Oversize Pentagram Calendar in the AT Store

Designer: Kit Hinrichs

Size: 36"x22" (shipped in a tube)

Price: $36



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