AT Email: PlantTherapy With Flaming Parrot Tulips

AT Email: PlantTherapy With Flaming Parrot Tulips

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 10, 2008

March 10, 2008

>> PlantTherapy: Garden Clippings in which Matt selects the best garden clippings from the web this week

Today I am on the fine, windy, overcast coast of southern Florida visiting the parents and taking field notes on what makes this part of the country tick. Meanwhile, I want to take this opportunity to highlight one of our longest running columnists: Matt Noiseux. Matt was an avid reader, when he wrote to me over two years ago about doing a column on plants and flowers. While we weren't sure where this would lead, Matt has created a whole new genre with PlantTherapy, dedicated to the urban gardener and plant lover. Here's his more recent sampling:

>> PlantTherapy: Saturday Morning Flowers

As fresh cut flowers are a weekly staple of every Apartment Therapy home, Matt highlights his current pick with amazing photography in his own home. This installment starts off like this: "This past week I fell for flaming parrot tulips with long, long stems..."

>> PlantTherapy Survey: On Spring Planting

This is a survey, so click through and tell us what kind of gardening space do you have to work with:

  • Front/backyard garden, rooftop garden, community garden.
  • Windowsill or outside planter.
  • Cut flowers will have to do!



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