AT Email: Tolomeo Lamps Brighten the Bedroom and Save Space - 2.4.08

AT Email: Tolomeo Lamps Brighten the Bedroom and Save Space - 2.4.08

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 4, 2008

February 4, 2008

As we kick off Bedroom Month here at AT, I thought I'd start off by highlighting one of my favorite solutions for bedside lighting, especially when space is scarce: Tolomeo task lamps (designed by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina in 1986) repurposed for the bedroom.

First of all, with all my clients I absolutely insist on installing two bedside lights on either side of the bed. Two lamps not only allow for nightime reading they also frame the bed and emphasize the calm, centered feeling a bedroom should have. They are also awesome opportunities to inject style, shape or color into the room. While slim in form, the Tolomeo are shiny, super practical attention getters in the bedroom.

When bedside table real estate is tight, you want to go to the walls and mount your reading lights there, but I don't like most contemporary or traditional sconces that give a bedroom the feeling of Hotel Decor. I also like to do something surprising whenever I can. All the Tolomeo's can be wall mounted, and the sconce (above) is simply the lamp without any arm.

So you have two basic options: use the fully armed Tolomeo on the bedside table or wall. And if you go to the wall to save space, go for one of the armed lamps which allows you to swivel it out over the bed, retract it, or turn it up to the ceiling if you want to illuminate the larger room. There are three sizes here (above) and I recommend the Micro for most urban bedrooms as it's really cute.

The other way to go is with the Tolomeo sconce, which has a nice svelte appearance and delivers great light. I've done both and recommend either one, depending on your budget or your style. While the full swivel arm is much more dramatic, any of these will improve your bedroom.

Best, Maxwell


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