AT Email: Valentine's Party with Magical Paper Globes 2.15.08

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February 15, 2008

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Last night Sara and I gave a little birthday/Valentine's party for my mother. Since it was Valentine's day and our trusty baby sitter was out on her own hot date, we were forced to improvise in our own home. We wanted to transform our space so it would feel really special. We also wanted to do it cheaply, quickly and temporarily so that it had an ephemeral feeling.

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Inspired by a lighting display we once saw in Anthropologie (above), we bought a whole bunch of white paper globes at Pearl River along with a few sets of white ball lights, with the idea of surrounding the table from overhead and creating a little magical room or a huge chandelier effect.

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Using push pins and our a new favorite purchase, Red & White Butcher Cord from Kiosk, I hung everything from the ceiling at different heights. I then strung the lights around the globes and hung valentines hearts (from my mother-in-law which arrived by Fedex from Los Angeles yesterday).

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It was very simple, but very effective. The large white shapes overhead not only dramatically centered the the dining room for dinner, but they looked ghostly and beautiful this morning as well.

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Using this idea of hanging paper globes in thick clusters, I could see going even further with color, lights and spreading the area. I am also planning on doing a permanent paper globe lighting arrangement in Ursula's room based on this experiment. Try it yourself and email me pics. Show me what you've done!

Best, Maxwell


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