Name: Jackie & Louis
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Your Pet's Name: Atticus (formerly known as Gucci). Nicknames: Atti, Bratticus Pitt, Sadicus (when he's upset)

When did Atticus come into your life? We adopted Atticus in April of 2012 from Animal Haven Shelter in New York City when he was about 3 months old. We had been stalking puppies on Animal Haven's site for years and though we weren't sure if we were ready for a dog (we already had a beautiful 14 year-old Calico named Kabo). But we HAD to meet Atticus after seeing his ridiculously cute picture online. We weren't initially at the top of the adoption list, but we somehow got him anyway. We feel so lucky that we did.

(Image credit: Louis Ozawa Changchien)

Where would we most likely find your pet in your home? We have large windows in our living room that overlook a small park. Atticus loves to people-watch, dog-watch, squirrel-watch, skateboard-watch, car-watch, kid-watch…he somehow knows the sound of our car from miles away, so he'll be waiting by the window when one of us pulls into the garage and then be at the door when we walk in. We can also see his little face in the window whenever we leave.

Any pet specific features in your home? Atticus has an enormous bed that he loves. We ordered it a size too big and often end up curling up in it with him. He also loves the water (beach, pools, lakes), so we bought him a small kiddie pool that we keep out back of our apartment building. We fill it up every few days and let him go wild. He tries to dig out the fish painted on the bottom of the pool or other times he puts his frisbees in the pool, kicks them out and then repeats that game over and over and over…
(Image credit: Louis Ozawa Changchien)
When he tuckers out, his favorite place to be is in our laps. He thinks he's much smaller than the 65lb pup that he is.

What do you love most about living with your pet? Atticus brings us so much joy and has really helped us bring balance into our lives. He makes us value our living space and prioritize our home life. A few months ago, we made the move from New York City to Los Angeles. It was a huge transition. Not only did we uproot our lives, but we lost Kabo to cancer just a couple months after arriving in LA. Atticus lifted our spirits during that tough time and he has helped make this new apartment and city feel like home. He's also helped us make a lot of new friends in the neighborhood!

(Image credit: Louis Ozawa Changchien)
What's your pet's favorite toy or snack/food? Atticus will eat anything except bananas, celery and citrus fruits. He loves when we get him marrow bones and raw chicken wings, but he loves frisbees more than anything else. He now has 2 that he pulls out of his bin of toys and carries around the apartment. He is an impressive jumper and has figured out how to catch the second frisbee with the first still in his mouth.
(Image credit: Louis Ozawa Changchien)
We document all his feats of athleticism on his Facebook fan page, yes his FAN page, and on Instagram @thru_attis_eyes and @louisozawa. Not only are we crazy dog parents, but we've become crazy stage parents, too. We just couldn't love him more.

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