Shimna Beam Bed at ICFF

Shimna Beam Bed at ICFF

Janel Laban
May 25, 2007

The newest addition to Shimna's line of trend-busting pieces is the Beam bed. Not unlike their seating options (a good selection can be seen on the AT:NY store post), the beam bed is blocky, sturdy, rustic and VERY designed at the same time. Our favorite touch - easily the lipstick red floral pattern on the headboard - a nice juxtaposition to the heavy wooden construction and minimalist aesthetic of the overall design.

We like the concept of a super durable, super simple bed that you can have forever where you just reupholster the headboard every few years when you want a fresh look...or maybe even have slipcovers for it that change with the seasons...

Available from Shimna.

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