AT In Trouble Again....

AT In Trouble Again....

Maxwell Ryan
Aug 31, 2006

Never failing to notice a red herring we toss its way - see last week's posting: "How To: Hang Your Artwork and Not Screw It Up" - the NYTimes finally served us up the first legal papers today calling for the end of our use of its "T" logo.

Very displeased that we have appropriated their logo for our own "AT Select" section (which FYI does NOT require any extra fees or membership), whose very point was to poke fun at the whole thing, we are courting deep doo-doo.

We love legal language. The sentences are so easy to follow:

"The New York Times has neither sponsored nor endorsed your company or website. Your posting and use of our logo without permission is trademark infringement. We demand that you remove our logo from"

So without further ado, we henceforth will use another "T" for our special column. Our only question now is, is "Select" off limits too? (New photo courtesy of B Tal)

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