AT Insta-Reporters Needed

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We have a problem. With ICFF and Brooklyn Designs coming up this month, there are a ton of parties and events to cover and there are only two of us.

Therefore, we're tossing out an invitation to readers who are going to or would like to go to the events and parties to take OUR invitation and come back with hot pics and a short post, which we'll then publish.

What you'll need is a good digital camera and the ability to put words together like Tom Wolfe or William Carlos Williams.

Email us if you're interested, and tell us what event you know about and would like to go to. Also tell us your qualifications. Then we'll get back to you to issue the AT Insta-Reporter Press Pass. The rest will be history.

Email: editor (at) apartmenttherapy (dot) com

(Pic: Jimmy Olsen)

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