AT Interview: Margaret Dunne, Architectural Digest

AT Interview: Margaret Dunne, Architectural Digest

Patrick H.
Nov 14, 2007

She won’t bring you flowers. Margaret Dunne, Executive Editor of Architectural Digest, lets us in on the rarefied world of AD, and gives some surprising insight into what sets the magazine apart… like the fact that they don’t style their shoots. So if there are flowers in the shot, it’s because the homeowners (or designers) put ‘em there.

We talked to Margaret about the first Open Audition held here at the D&D Building in October, and she gives us a behind-the-scenes glimpse to this major event that promises to splash unpublished pros and undiscovered amateurs onto the pages of AD and the pages of the AD website.

It's not trend, it's style. They weren't judges, they were reviewers. And AD isn’t as elitist as you might think. Margaret sets us straight, and she does it with all the charm, grace and elegance you’d expect from the shelter mag that’s been setting the standard of “grown up style” for over 88 years.

What did the Open Auditions reveal about the untapped talent in and around (and far beyond) New York? (The selected Living Room of Illinois designer Judy W. Gordon, shown left.) Why weren’t the AD Reviewers tired after meeting the 400+ people who showed up at this first-of-four high-class cattle calls? And what can those presenting in upcoming markets learn from the first wave of designer guinea pigs? Margaret talks, and AT listens.

Margaret also talks about AD Style, the budget-friendly section of AD, just one of the ways the magazine is reaching out to a broader, less Upper Eastside crowd, and how even the budget-challenged should be picking AD up off the newsstand. And "special guest star" Special Projects Editor James Munn talks about some exciting new features on the AD website.

Read the full list of the New York Auditions selected designers here.

Don’t forget, you can review the first batch of selected designers and vote on your favorites at the AD website.

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