AT Los Angeles Welcomes: Beth Zeigler

As you've likely noticed in the last few days, a new name has been added to our roster. Beth was a last second addition, impressing us with her organizational background, colourful photos and informative posts. We're happy to have Beth join our motley crew of LA bloggers. Here's a little background about our new teammate:

"I'm so excited to be a new blogger on Apartment Therapy!! While I'm getting my sea legs I'll give you a tiny bit of background. I've moved across the country three times only keeping what would make the "car cut"--and one of those trips I was driving a Mazda Miata.  So it's safe to assume I keep around what I only truly use and love. As for my day job, I am an organizing coach and speaker and during the  evening hours you can find me playing the drums for a local band. I'm glad I ended up here at Apartment Therapy:LA and I look forward to this unique learning environment."