AT on... Being Green Without Thinking

AT on... Being Green Without Thinking

Jonathan B.
Nov 6, 2007

We like this. Sure, in an ideal world, no one would use paper cups. But we know that's not the case.

Sometimes even the greenest among us find ourselves without a reusable mug and in dire need of a cup of coffee. So we've been thrilled to see compostable Ecotainer cups—which were created in partnership with International Paper—popping up at nearly all of our favorite coffee shops here in the Bay Area.

Just one problem: very few of those shops have compost bins. But Tully's Coffee took the obvious next step and put in compost bins with simple directions: Throw Me In Here! We'd like to see more of this kind of thinking... sure, in the long run, we need to rethink a culture that's used to tossing everything in the trash. But in the meantime, we could look for more solutions like this, which gives the same behavior a greener result.

We've got just one bone to pick with Tully's: ever consider that it might be just a bit counter-productive to print "Reducing Our Footprint" on thousands of take-away cards?

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