AT on ... Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

AT on ... Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Stephanie Kinnear
Aug 28, 2008

Consider this a love letter to Amtrak.

This week, I've take more modes of transportation than I usually take in a year. In the last 3 days alone I've ridden in a plane, a taxi, a Mini Cooper (my first time!), the subway, a train, and a Greyhound bus.

None of it was too awful, if you don't consider the carbon offsets I'll need to buy to make up for that cross-country flight. I had a good book, and most of the travel has flown by. But of all the modes of transportation I've experienced this week, nothing was as downright pleasant as the hour I spent with Amtrak.

Do you have a similar love affair with trains?

The train I took from Providence, RI to Boston, MA pulled into the station at exactly the moment it was scheduled to arrive. It pulled out no more than 3 minutes later.

It was dusk and the lights in the coach car were dim. And even though the train was close to full, there was something about the soothing movement of the train that lulled the adults and quieted the children.I spent the time reading and looking out the window -- enjoying all the green a New England August has to offer.

Oh, and the cost of my ticket? $12. Less than half what I handed over to the taxi driver for a 10-mile trip from the airport to the train station.

If the world were perfect, I'd travel everywhere by train. Do you feel the same?

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