(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
What's the most useful piece of furniture in your home? That's something we've been thinking about this summer as we travel to visit friends and accommodate weekend guests. As far as our home is concerned, we've come to a tentative conclusion ...

You guessed it: we're going with the couch.

When it comes to furniture, we can't really think of anything more useful, versatile, or beloved than a long comfortable couch. Earlier this month, staying at a friend's apartment in Los Angeles, her new white couch worked perfectly as a guest bed for me. Last week, when friends visited us, two slept on an air mattress and one on the couch.

On any given night we might eat dinner at our coffee table — the couch is our ad hoc dining room seating.

Sure, we might technically spend more time in our bed, but we still think the couch wins because of how many different ways we use it.

What's your vote? What's the most useful piece of furniture in your house?

(Image: Flickr member petit hiboux licensed for use under Creative Commons)