AT on: Throwing Away Your Keys

AT on: Throwing Away Your Keys

Maxwell Ryan
May 30, 2007


Join this week's Key Purge. Last year we washed our house keys for the first time, this year we sorted and threw many away. It took guts, but we collected up the drawer full of old keys, completed and labeled any sets we recognized (above). Then - with our heart in our mouth - we THREW the rest away...


It felt totally counter intuitive, but the truth is we'd had all of them sitting in the drawer for over 7 years and never used most of them. It wasn't so hard to tell which were still useful. We feel a lot lighter now.

Keys are a unique and difficult part of our lives to organize. Useless in themselves, they exist only to be combined with a lock which we may or may not like as most locks are necessary evils. Hence, keys are largely unconscious beings within our daily lives.

Which is why they are so easy to lose.

And they grow wild with time. New keys come into your life when locks are changed, you move in with a mate, you get a bike or your friend gives you their keys for safekeeping. If you're good, you label them every time and you throw out those that are no longer linked to an active lock, but all too often we DON'T label them quick enough and we forget what they are for. Then they grow and we are afraid to clean them out.

This week - for Spring Cleaning - we invite all our readers to clean out their keys. Go ahead and do it. It'll take you all of twenty minutes and the gratification you will get from the process is priceless.

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