Four Ways to Beat the Heat

Four Ways to Beat the Heat

Aug 29, 2008

It's hot. Too hot. And like most other San Francisco dwellers, we don't have AC. So, how are we beating this heat? Here are some tips we use in our own home to help keep us cool...

• We put our laptop to sleep if we know we aren't going to use it for more than 20 minutes. Feel your computer. Feel how hot it is? Turning it off helps keep our desk area cool.

• We put a shallow bowl of ice in front of our fan. As the ice melts, then evaporates, it will cool you off.

• At night, we put a fan in front of the window and turn it on (so that it blows out). This helps cool the apartment down by pushing the warm air outside (this obviously only works if the outside is cooler than the inside).

• We block the sun. A lot of people think you should keep your window treatments pulled, but you should actually being doing the opposite. Even better if your blinds or curtains have white on the outside, which is sun-deflecting.

What are your tips for beating the heat?

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