AT Press: Real Simple's List of The Best Blogs

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We were reading the new March issue of Real Simple in the bathtub on Saturday and nearly dropped it in the bubbles upon reaching page 128, as we saw Apartment Therapy at the top of their list of "The Best Blogs". One of our favorite magazines (so I guess you could say the feeling is mutual), it was exciting to be included.

Apartment Therapy led off the "Home" section and we were pleased to read the write up...

"Just bursting with decorating ideas and resources from homes and budgets of all sizes. Submit photos of a space that needs help and readers and editors will offer suggestions."

Check out the March issue (pink cover with a piggy bank) for all their blog picks covering home, organizing and personal productivity, fashion, food, health/fitness, travel, parenting, news and more...

Thanks, Real Simple!

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Janel Laban is the Executive Editor of Apartment Therapy and has been working here, at the dreamiest of dream jobs, since March 2006.