DIY Projects from AT Readers

DIY Projects from AT Readers

Sarah Coffey
Aug 11, 2008

Last week, we asked readers about their proudest DIYs and we got a whole lot of good answers, from simple projects to total household overhauls. Joel's "Wall of Clocks" looks like a professional job, but he did the whole thing himself. He says the project was "not just a matter of hanging the clocks but the huge and heavy 4' x 8' birch panels that cover the entire wall." Click below for more inspiring DIYs from our readers...

Etrine built a set of bookshelves and a plant stand from scratch: ""Right now, I think my favorite DIY project that I've completed is a plant stand. I built it last week and I still haven't put any plants in it yet. It's intended for succulents. I was also really stoked on the bookshelves that I built for our living room."

Art is working on an
office in a closet: "I had a plan to outfit the guest bedroom closet into an office. I went with the Ikea Broder shelving system which is meant for garages, work areas, etc. It's shiny galvanized look goes well with the industrial nature of the loft and the setup is an absolute breeze."

Hazelnut_spread's Coffee Table is an AT favorite: "My Nakashima-esque coffee table made its way to AT before I had a chance to submit it."

DGen's Wallpaper Stripping: "[I] remov[ed] old wallpaper from my master bath, which was put up directly over the drywall, sans primer. If you've ever dealt with such a horror... you know. I almost gave up about a dozen times, I could only stand to work on it for an hour or two at a time, and some weeks I was just too disgusted to even look at it. I'm now to the point of patching up over-zealous gouges, sanding, and priming/painting."

Other Proud DIYs:

• From magnaverde: "Proudest project? I don't know, but this is the one that gets all the attention: my sofa with painted upholstery. People are amazed or appalled."

• From witchbaby: "Fixing up a garden in our backyard. :)"

• From LaurenKaye: "Not exactly a DIY, but I swear my proudest do-it-yourself achievement was the first time I opened a pickle jar on my own in my first apartment."

To see the entire post and comment thread with more links to AT Reader DIY projects, click here.

Top Photo: Joel's Wall of Clocks

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