AT Store: New items are in!

AT Store: New items are in!

Janel Laban
Dec 13, 2006

Just in at the Apartment Therapy Store: new simple, useful and beautiful goods.
Want to take a peek? Click here.

Maxwell chooses the items to include in the shop on those three criteria plus the fact that some of the items can be somewhat difficult to dig up otherwise. Here are a few examples:

Oversize Pentagram Wall Calendar by Kit Hinrichs, $36.

Teema Mugs, by Kaj Frank, $16.

Procession pillows, by Judy Ross, $180.

New T-shirt designs: Jashiki's shirts are in and the F2 (yay chicago!) design is on its way. One of AT's favorite books, Karen Kingston's Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui is available, along with Maxwell's own Apartment Therapy: The Eight Step Cure.

Of course, there is more to see; we hope you'll check in as our small store grows and fills with items that we feel you will enjoy.

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