AT Survey: Home Tech? TV Room?

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Over at AT: San Francisco we're trying out three new editors for a new home blog, and we'd love your feedback.

The idea is to blog all those electronic things that we bring into our home and try to fit into our decor. It's going to be all about how to get wiring, televisions, stereos, computers and telephones into your home in a way that is beautiful, organized and healthy.

There are three posts up so far and more coming this week and next. The three editors trying out are Joey (some of you may know him from this house tour), Alison and Joel (a tag team), and Ryan. Tell us what you think, and also tell us what name you think works best?

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Maxwell left teaching in 2001 to start Apartment Therapy as a design business helping people to make their homes more beautiful, organized AND healthy. The website started up in 2004 with the help of his brother, Oliver.