AT Survey: How High Does Your Interest in Green Rank?

AT Survey: How High Does Your Interest in Green Rank?

Maxwell Ryan
Dec 19, 2006

We have been advocates of eco conscious living for many years, but in the onslaught of covering the home decor scene in NYC, we have to admit that it has slipped down our scale of things to blog and we don't do it as regularly as we used to.

But then yesterday, we had a conversation with a friend who felt very strongly that Eco Everything was coming on strong and getting very, very big as people look around them and worry about global warming, rising tides, etc. We even heard rumors that Martha Stewart was going to put out a Green Magazine, that Whole Foods was going to totally push green products in its stores and that Conde Nast was considering a totally green issue.

Could it be that there is a resurgence afoot?

Is green getting sexy again?

Are you more interested in green solutions to your everyday needs than you were last year?

We'd like to measure this in some way. Please feel free to vote and tell us what you think:

(Please note that we are interested in gauging reader's interest in the subject, and launching a blog like this is not on our schedule right now.)

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